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Who am I

To love is to begin with you again







The mission of my company is self-discovery, seeking a balance between outer and inner beauty. In these two ingredients is the key to LOVE IS STARTING AGAIN FROM YOU. Find your diamond and make it sparkle.

My name is Daniela, I am an esthetician and business employee, I am 38 years old and married and a mom of two wonderful children. Now I will explain why I decided to open my own company. After going through difficult times in my family because of an illness something unexplainable awakened in me but I understood that I had to work on myself to eradicate acquired internal dynamics of which I was not fully aware. From there I began my 6-month journey on a path of personal growth and gradually learned to change my approach. Later I started taking a series of courses including CNV/PNL, Life Coaching, Raiki, mediumship, emotional intelligence. On this path I acquired tools that I can give to all people who are beginning the journey in self-knowledge, and here my project was born. To love is to start over with You, love for our outer aesthetics and love for our inner self, our soul … with coaching, energy balancing and more. A ‘perfect balance and harmony.

Life does not happen to you but for you.

“Always be like the sea breaking against the rocks, always find the strength to try again.”